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Bette and Gary formed Sound Tapestry to create a memorable sound. Gary’s classical and flamenco style guitar playing combined with Bette’s classical flute and Native American flute playing produces a sometimes haunting but always intricate tapestry of sound.

Native American flutes are tuned to a minor pentatonic scale which often produces a very haunting sound. That combined with classical or flamenco guitar playing style results in a wonderful sound. Gary has written many compositions and Bette interweaves her playing to complement his compositions.

The silver classical flute has a sometimes brilliant and sometimes warm sound. When combined with Gary’s playing style it opens the world of music to include classical, popular and Latin songs.

We offer classical music, popular music, Latin style music and original compositions. Short samples of some of the music contained on our first CD, Labyrinth, are included below.

Williams (original composition)


Greensleeves (traditional)


La Caceria (original composition)


Labyrinth  (original composition)


Lady in Waiting  (original composition)


Mi Matador  (original composition)


Milonga  (original composition)


Pavane (Gabriel Faure)


The Border  (original composition)