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Meet Bette

Bette was born and raised in New York. In high school she considered two majors for college – music or chemistry. She choose chemistry for her education and music as her avocation. Music can be an expensive hobby so the chemistry helped pay for her music purchases and lessons.

Her musical journey with the silver flute was a little bumpy during her career as time pressures made it move to the back burner for long periods of time. About every 10 years she got a little tap on the shoulder saying it was time to get back to music. She studied privately as an adult at The Settlement Music School in Philadelphia and enjoyed playing in community bands and orchestras as well as teaching privately to new flute students.

Her most recent tap on the shoulder was in 2014. She was getting ready to retire and was asked to play flute / tin whistle with a group of local musicians in an Irish Session group. Starting up again was painful at first as my embouchure was non-existent and my tone and technique needed some work. She also studied jazz flute with Tony Vacca for a period of time.

Bette started playing the Native American Style Flutes in 1990 and has studied with Cornell KinderknechtJoseph YoungMark HollandScott August and Mary Youngblood.