• Sound Tapestry - Flute / Guitar Duo

    Sound Tapestry is a musical duo comprised of a guitar and flute / Native American flute player. Gary is a classical guitar player and Bette plays both classical flute and Native American flutes. Their music is an intricate mosaic of sound.

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  • Native American Style Flutes / Guitar

    Bette plays a variety of Native American Style flutes. Gary has composed a number of songs and Bette interweaves the haunting sound of the Native flutes between Gary's classical guitar playing style. A unique sound results.

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  • Classical Flute / Guitar

    Latin, Popular, Celtic, Classical and original songs are also offered by Bette on the classical silver flute and Gary on the classical guitar.

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  • Bette's Bio

    Bette has been playing flute since the 4th grade. In addition Bette started to play the Native American Style flutes 20 years ago.

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  • Gary's Bio

    Gary began at age 13 with his first guitar. Gary interweaves a blend of flamenco and classical tempos into his own style and compositions.

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  • Performances

    Bette and Gary have offered their music to a number of different venues. The duo was formed in late spring 2017 and we are open to discussing how we can make your event special.

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Sound Tapestry - Intricate Mosaic of Sound

Imagine hearing a classical guitar player's music interwoven with the sometimes haunting sound of a Native American Flute or the warm and/or brilliant sound of a classical silver flute. Imagine no more - meet Sound Tapestry.

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Native American Flutes / Guitar

Learn more about the unique blend of Native American Style Flutes and classical Guitar.

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Classical Flute / Guitar

Learn more about how Bette and Gary combine the sounds of a classical flute with guitar.

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Learn more about Bette and Gary

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Learn more about our past and upcoming scheduled gigs.

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For additional information or to learn more about performance options, call Bette at 602-625-1696 or email her at info@soundtapestry.com.

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